Luís Silvério



My name is Luís Silvério and I am a photographer born in Lisbon in 1988 and raised in Sintra, Portugal, surrounded by the mountain and the sea.

My passion for photography began while I was studying graphic arts. My photography teacher taught me the basics and the graphic design one lent me his camera, so I could practice. It was the year 2003, photography was going from analog to digital.

The days went by and I was shooting more and more. My main interest in landscape and action sports began to emerge. I started working in prepress saving money to travel and buy better gear. All I wanted was to become a better and better photographer.

Thanks to internet my work was being shared all over the world and this helped me to start making commercial work, publishing online and in print, and also to start receiving invitations to make small exhibitions. 

And that's it! Here I am always ready for new challenges. 

For features, collaborations, everything you need feel free to contact me.

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