Hi, I am Luís Silvério and I am a freelance photographer based in Sintra, Portugal.

I was born in Lisbon in 1988 and have always lived close to the Sintra Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. My interest in the arts made me study graphic arts in the early 2000s and that's when my passion for photography emerged.

Action sports have been part of my lifestyle since my youth so it was natural for me to start photographing them. From the sea to the mountains passing through the streets, I have been freezing the action, framing the sighs, portraying the people and documenting their lifestyles. Live music and its photography are another of my passions. I love shooting the backstage, the performance and the audience interaction. Recently, I have also dedicated some time to personal projects, mostly about documenting places where water is a very present element.

Some of my work is published online like Surftotal and Vert website and in print like \ turn \ snowboarding magazine. I have been participating in group exhibitions such as the one at the Portuguese Surf Film Festival and I have been working on projects for example about Ericeira World Surfing Reserve to exhibit solo.

I am one of the founders and members of 1/4escuro, a collective dedicated to analog photography which, in addition to its projects, carries out different activities.

In addition to photography I'm passionate about graphic design and I've been doing some work for digital and print as a freelancer too.

I'm always up for challenges and available for commissions, collaborations and features. For any questions, quotes or just to say hi feel free to message me.

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